About Me

Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, I began working at the city’s largest television station, WWL-TV in the late 70’s. Working in the production department, we created commercials and PSA’s, then I moved up to on-air Reporter for PM Magazine. After that, I relocated to Los Angeles in 1981 and soon after, graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Starting in 1986, I worked as Post Production Supervisor for Churchill Entertainment, which specialized in Children’s and Educational Programming. I also worked as a Dimensional Animator and contributed to the Set Designs for The Mouse and the MotorcycleRalph S. Mouse (ABC Weekend Specials) and Stanley and the Dinosaurs (Disney Channel).
In 1996, I began working for Fox Television’s The Simpsons.  Soon after, I became Animation Producer and have won three Primetime Emmy Awards.
I’ve always kept in close contact with my hometown of New Orleans and I am so proud to say they’ve treated me like a King… Literally!  In 2005, I was crowned King during Mardi Gras.  The parade threw metal coins, called doubloons, with my face engraved on them.



New Orleans City View Magazine 2004.



As referred to in the article above, my wife, Carla and I got married in New Orleans and paraded through the French Quarter to the reception led by a Dixieland brass band. We also threw wooden doubloons throughout the march.



I graduated from Rummel High School in New Orleans and they did a great story on me for their Alumni magazine. Although, I would have been perfectly fine not seeing my picture with that giant bowtie.