In high school I took a class in 35mm still photography with my teacher, Bill Arthurs.  Around the same time, I started going to a lot of rock concerts and the two hobbies collided.  This was a time when you could bring cameras anywhere and I even had a tripod on the stage once (I know, I couldn’t believe it either.)  I would go to the show and then develop the film that same night at home in a darkroom I had set up in our laundry room.  It was fun to show friends 8×10 color pictures of the concert they just saw the night before.  Unfortunately, I lost a lot of the negatives in Hurricane Katrina, so some of these are scans of prints.


Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen (small)   img918 (smaller)



img284   img901  img285

img289  img895(8X10's)


The Cast of Saturday Night Live 
Belushi & Murray  img922  Dan Aykroyd
img798  img924  img923




                                                     David Bowie                                                                                   Steven Tyler

David Bowie            img916            Aerosmith - Steven Tyler001



                      The Police                                                                         The Cramps  

img702The Police


the Cramps












A million more to come…