My friend, Lawrence Radecker and I made it on to Dick Clark’s TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes show during a segment they called, “Homemade Comedy”. 

One year I did a Christmas display in different windows of my house.  This tree forest sang about 10 different songs.  But since the Boney Island show got so big at Halloween, I didn’t have time to keep doing it and Christmas… Boney Island won out.
This is a stop motion animation film I made for a high school project.  The contents of a grocery bag come to life when no one is around.  I wish I had had more time to animate it, but the class had a tight deadline.  One day, if I can find the Super 8 footage of this, I’d love to get a decent transfer of it.

Here’s Maestro Maxilla’s water show from Boney Island 2011.




Boney Island on HGTV in 2006.



More To Come…