After the book, Spin Again was released, so much of the research and stories we compiled didn’t make it in, so I decided to publish my own magazine.  Spin Again Magazine covered not only games, but toys and Baby Boomerism in general.  I’d stay up late putting together the magazine on my small Mac Classic.  It ran pretty slow with all the graphics, but it was so much cooler than the Commodore 64 that I used to write the book, Spin Again.  


Issues of the magazine explored the world of Sid and Marty Krofft, Thingmakers, Mad Magazine and Superheroes to name just a few.  You could tell which issue you had by looking at the number the spinner pointed to in the logo.  


The magazine  was sold in comic book stores all around the world and it was really exciting to answer questions from people in Asia and Europe about our American toys.  I also had an open invitation to all subscribers to stop by and visit my collection.  It was like the poor man’s, demented, Hearst Castle.  People from all over would visit and hang out at my house to talk about toys and re-live their childhood in the gameroom. 
Here’s a few samples from Spin Again Magazine!

Spin Again Magazine 1 - 012

Spin Again Magazine 1 - 014

Spin Again Magazine 4 - 013

Spin Again Magazine 4 - 007

Spin Again Magazine 5 - 005

Spin Again Magazine 2 - 015